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Last show: September 8, 1993: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Next show: September 11, 1993: Blockbuster Pavilion, San Bernardino, California
1993: New Steely Dan

September 10, 1993
Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, California, US


Sources: Recording

Differences from last show


General info:

Their first show in Irvine since 1974. Same old set.

Bootleg info:

Does a recording circulate? Yes
Recording type: Audience
Available as: Compact Disc, Tape, FLAC files
Rarity: Very Rare

An audience recording of this show was posted to internet forums around 2013. However, issues with the audio led to the show being posted in two halves. As downloads of the show began to wane over the years, the link to the first half ended up going down before the second, which led to all reuploads of the show only containing the second set. This has made finding the complete recording very difficult.


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