Welcome to the Steely Dan Live Wiki

This website is dedicated to accurate information about Steely Dan tours, setlists, and more.

At the time the site is quite barren and looks like a ripoff of the steelydan.nl website. That will change soon.

This website does not aim to catalogue solo Donald Fagen shows (or the single solo Walter Becker show). That may change one day but I am not planning on it at the moment.

Right now I have all of the tour pages mostly finished. Of course, they'll be tinkered with a bit along the way.

No bootlegs are offered here at this site, however you can always find them elsewhere. Please do not email me asking to buy or sell any bootlegs either.

I am not affiliated with the Steely Dan band or its members in any way. This is a passion project and an attempt to add another resource into the mix.

Here is a page describing what my plans are for this site. Some might be a little ambitious... but you get the picture.

Email me at this address if you have any questions, suggestions, corrections, audio recordings, or any additional information that can make this site better. Thanks!


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