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Last show: September 4, 1993: Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion, Woodlands, Texas
Next show: September 7, 1993: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, California
1993: New Steely Dan

September 6, 1993
Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona, US


Sources: Recording

Differences from last show


General info:

Surprise surprise, the same setlist yet again. The performance of "Book of Liars" from this show was touched up and later included on the Alive In America live album.

Bootleg info:

Does a recording circulate? Yes
Recording type: Audience
Available as: Compact Disc, Tape, FLAC files
Rarity: Uncommon

An audience recorded tape of this show has circulated since the late 90s. Not too hard to come across on the web and sounds fairly good. In 2015, the Midnight Dreamer label released a CD featuring this same audience recording. Why? Money.

Available on these bootlegs:


Original bootleg cover
Midnight Dreamer bootleg