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Last show: June 30, 1974: Paramount Theatre, Portland, Oregon
Next show: July 3, 1974: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California
1974: All-American Tour

July 1, 1974
Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington, US


Sources: Recording

Differences from last show

(Note: Differences taken from last date with available info)


General info:

Steely Dan's third show at the Seattle Paramount, and their third-to-last show for 19 years.

Bootleg info:

Does a recording circulate? Yes
Recording type: Soundboard
Available as: Compact Disc, FLAC files
Rarity: Uncommon

An incomplete soundboard of this show circulated before a complete version was put on the Wolfgang's Vault website for purchase in September of 2011. This ended up causing a bit of a stir in the community after it was found out that Dinky Dawson, the band's soundman at the time, had not gotten permission from the band in regards to putting the show recording up for sale. This makes the show a partial bootleg.

Available on these bootlegs:


Original bootleg cover
Modern high-res recreation of CDr cover
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