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Last show: April 27, 1974: North Central College, Naperville, Illinois
Next show: April 30, 1974: Ellis Memorial Auditorium, Memphis, Tennessee
1974: All-American Tour

April 29, 1974
Ambassador Theatre, St. Louis, Missouri, US


Sources: Recording, setlist patterns

Questionable tracks are written in red text.

April 30th show from this same year used as reference, first portion of sets match

Differences from last show

(Note: Differences taken from last date with available info)

"Any Major Dude Will Tell You" replaced with "Brooklyn"
If this setlist is correct, there are no other differences

General info:

The first known show of 1974 where the band played "Brooklyn". This marks the second time the band has played in St. Louis, in 1972 they played at the Kiel Auditorium.

Bootleg info:

Does a recording circulate? Yes
Recording type: Soundboard
Available as: CDr, FLAC files
Rarity: Uncommon

A very rough sounding soundboard copy of this show circulates, with only the first eight tracks being present on the recording. The recording abruptly cuts off in the middle of "My Old School", but resumes with the same recording of "Do It Again" but in higher quality. This suggests a higher quality recording exists somewhere. The TXT file included with downloads of this show list "Dirty Work" as being the ninth track before the second "Do It Again" yet this is not present on the recording. It is unknown where this recording originated, although it first appeared on the internet in 2014.

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