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Last show: April 20, 1974: Allen Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio
Next show: April 23, 1974, Rose Arena, Mount Pleasant, Michigan
1974: All-American Tour

April 21, 1974
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, US


Sources: YouTube commenter

YouTuber commenter AndyInOregon recalls the setlist being the same as the April 30th show of the same year with the exception of "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" taking the place of "Brooklyn".

Differences from last show

(Note: Differences taken from last date with available info)

"Dirty Work" moved to slot 9 before jam

General info:

Some recall the show being held at the University in Toledo as opposed to the University of Cincinnati. While not known for sure, it is possible this was the very last show of 1974 where "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" was performed. After this, it would be replaced with "Brooklyn". The former would not be performed again until 1996.

According to the same YouTube commenter who recalled the setlist, the French band Les Variations opened for Steely Dan on this date. Interestingly enough, an unidentified hard rock song known as "The Cat's Meow" which inexplicably ended up on a Gaucho sessions work tape is suspected to be the work of Marc Tobaly, a member of Les Variations. It is unknown if this correlates to its place on the tape or simply pure coincidence. Marc Tobaly has not responded to messages inquiring if "The Cat's Meow" is his work, so the true artist behind the track remains a mystery.

Bootleg info:

Does a recording circulate? No

It is unknown if a recording of this show exists.