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Last show: March 22, 1974: Fairgrounds Pavilion, Reno, Nevada
Next show: March 24, 1974: Tuscon Community Center Music Hall, Tuscon, Arizona
1974: All-American Tour

March 23, 1974
Java Joe's Bar & Grill, San Diego, California, US


Sources: Recording, notes from taper

Notes from taper detail recording setup as well as an overall review of the show.

Differences from last show

(Note: Differences taken from last date with available info)

"Dirty Work", "My Old School", and "Show Biz Kids" added to setlist at slot 4, 9, and 13 respectively.
"Any Major Dude Will Tell You" moved to slot 6.
"Rikki Don't Lose That Number" moved to slot 7.

General info:

The tracks "Dirty Work" and "Show Biz Kids" debuted at this show. This show has an abnormal setlist for 1974, with "Dirty Work" being played early in the set and "Show Biz Kids" being the final encore instead of "This All Too Mobile Home"'s drum solo ending off the show.

Bootleg info:

Does a recording circulate? Yes
Recording type: Audience
Available as: Compact Disc recordable, tape, FLAC files
Rarity: Common

The highest quality audience recording from this era and one of the longest circulating. Music quality sounds better than some soundboards, with the only downside being a somewhat rowdy crowd. One highlight involves a woman screaming for "Show Biz Kids" and moaning loudly afterwards. This recording was taped by Rob Bertrando with his setup at Java Joe's. Bertrando is also known for making great audience tapes of Grateful Dead shows, also from 1974. Physical copies are scarce, mainly because they're all homemade copies of the original tape, but digital versions can be found with a simple Google search.

Common mislabelings include:

Available on these bootlegs:


Original bootleg cover
Modern high-res recreation of CDr cover