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Razor Boy

General info:

"Razor Boy" is the second track of Steely Dan's second album Countdown To Ecstasy. It was released as the b-side to "Show Biz Kids", which peaked at only #61 on the Billboard 100 charts.

Live info:

The first known performance of "Razor Boy" was in 2013, although some rumor that it was performed in 1973. The track was first introduced in 2013 and replaced "Dirty Work" as the song that the female backing vocalists took lead on. It was played throughout 2013 and would later alternate in setlists with "Dirty Work" from 2014 through 2016. In recent years, performances have been scarce, with the track being performed under 5 times each tour from 2017 onwards.


First performance: [Unknown, possibly 1973]
Latest performance: October 26, 2019: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts, US

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