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Do It Again

General info:

"Do It Again" was the opening track of Steely Dan's debut album Can't Buy A Thrill. It was the lead single of the album and charted at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it their second highest-charting single. It is one of the band's most well known tracks.

Live info:

"Do It Again" was presumably performed live for the first time during Steely Dan's first show at the Under The Ice House bar in Glendale, California. It was performed throughout 1972 and frequently opened shows. In 1973, the track was performed on The Midnight Special television series with David Palmer on lead vocals and mimed on an episode of American Bandstand. It was also played on tour that year, although its position in setlists is unclear. In 1974, "Do It Again" was the third track in most, if not all setlists of that year. Performances regularly exceeded 8 minutes due to extensive jamming. The show at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on July 5th, 1974 would be the final performace of "Do It Again in the 1970s and the final Steely Dan concert for 19 years.

"Do It Again" was played live for the first time in 21 years at both of the 1995 Roseland Ballroom shows, first as an encore on October 21st, then in the middle of the set on October 22nd. A year later on the Art Crimes tour, the track opened every show to tremendous fanfare from crowds. In 2000, it was played on every date in May and most dates in June. After June 17th, it was replaced in setlists by "Bad Sneakers". Months later in August, the track was performed once on the international leg of the tour in Finland. This performance utilized a vastly different arrangement of the song, with that performance being the only time that arrangement was ever played. The track's next appearance was in 2003, although brief, only being performed on the first 4 dates of the tour before being replaced by "Babylon Sisters" on August 1st. For the next few years, "Do It Again" became a somewhat common regular. It was played throughout 2006 with lead vocals by Michael McDonald, a few times in 2007 and 2008, and regularly in 2009 and 2011.

Starting in 2013, performances of "Do It Again" suddenly became scarce. It has been performed only ~13 times since 2013.


First performance: October ??, 1972: Under The Ice House, Glendale, California, US [Presumed]
Latest performance: May 11, 2019: The Venetian Theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada, US

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