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Jerome Aniton's Introduction

at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, July 3, 1974

One, two, test...
Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman. We're glad you made it here tonight. Because you gonna miss out... 'cause you can tell your friend tomorrow... that they gonna miss out on a goddamn good thing... we gonna give you tonight. Yeah! Right on. What we gonna give you tonight... will be down to the nitty-gritty. Yeah. You can tell all your friends... way over in the... hell, hell I don't care, you can tell them over there in Watts! God, ahahaha. You can tell them they met, you can tell them tonight, that Santa Monica has been definitely... set on fire! And they met, and they met out on a... damn good thing. The best thing ever happened to Santa Monica is gonna be here... tonight. Yeah! And you can also... all you little old pretty, pretty... little pretty ones... ha... if he ain't here tonight... ha... you can tell him forget it too. Because Mister... Whatever... is here tonight. He gonna get down tonight brother... he gonna get with it! He gonna give you something that Santa Monica ain't never had. If it good to you, it gotta be good for you. Right on, yeah. Now one thing I can tell you, brother, is here tonight. Mister Magnificent One is here...

[Band member shouts "Steely Dan!" as Aniton is too drunk to remember the band's name]

The Beautiful One's here... hahaha... and you little old pretty ones here too... you know... whatever. Here is the Magnificant One, the one and only one, Mister... Steely Dan and whatever!